Friday, 23 March 2018

BFF's - A Poem by Marc D Brown - Taken from The Lost Art of Self


How many friendships are genuinely real?
From the cradle to the grave
Social interaction is forced
And there’s not a great deal you can do about it.

Go with the flow
They are just people to know
To help take the edge off another day.

Take a second to think about it…
Friends at school, friends at work
The ones you spend most of your time with
You’ve been coerced into these surroundings. 
To be with the ones most tolerable.

Friendships of convenience.

From the scenarios mentioned
How many people have moved on?
Promising to stay in touch…
But as time passes by, these relationships fade
Until that person isn’t even a thought in your day.

People just fade away
They dissipate
These friendships are not real
Truly…there is nothing more to say.

The friendships that last
Are from random interactions.
People not forced together in anyway
With no obvious connections found.

The choice is utterly yours.
If you want them in your life or not
It’s yours
But this time you have not been forced into a pen
No more just getting through until the day ends.

With these random interactions
You choose to learn about them
And them about you.
These foundations grow stronger
And as friends

So do you.

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