Friday, 23 February 2018


The mouth cannot speak of what it does not truly understand
For there are no words in language to explain the most legitimate of loves,
Nor are there actions bold enough to show it.
Even in the brightest of lights, true love is a secret of which only the pairing
Hearts can understand and communicate.
No hate can divide, feuds will not part,
Nothing shall falter, not in the most honest of hearts.
 Yet how can a tongue so sweet not spill enough truths
For me to taste
For me to understand
Or even just a gentle touch to guide me
But nothing other than her serene silence which I bathe in.
Knowing not to worry, not to over think or over complicate.
It’s just that the words do not yet exist to explain this.
 I whisper into her ear those three little words that matter the most
Often spoken too much but not felt enough.
These simple words can bind us in something incomparable
And although we know in the depths of our hearts it’s true
They are just words.
 Yes the skin does blush and the belly does flutter
Obvious symptoms of love but what if she thinks of this as just lust
And does not take me for how I am
Serious, sincere, and true.
For this burning that I feel is as real as the sun, the moon and the stars
Still they pale in comparison to her.
 The most sincere form of beauty.
 She is honest
Her eyes are bright.
She is the beginning, the middle and will be my end.
I would happily depart these earthly grounds
Knowing she touched my life and with that one touch
She changed the way this world turns for me.
She is the greatest of stars in the sky and I am for ever to orbit her.
If it was all to end on this night, in her arms…at the thought of that, I shall not stir.
Pain is that of the past and the future is horizon bound
Whatever it may bring.
 Just allow me this
Let me breathe you in one last time
A scent so divine and so addictive as if she is opiate based.
She’s under my skin and I feel her throughout me
Running rampant and free, throughout my veins
Tainting my blood so perfectly.
 If she was ever to leave this place, it would be as if the sun had stopped dawning
And I the moon would forever haunt the sky, forever in mourning
As the wolves howl a chorus of sympathy into this everlasting night.

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