Friday, 16 June 2017

Black - My first EVER poem

I wrote this when I was around 16/17 years old, so really it was my first genuine piece of poetry.
I'm nearly 33 years old now and 'Black' is still a favourite of mine.

I bleed myself into you
With no other colours
But a shade of grey and a hint of black.
I poured out every word for you,
Love & hate all the same.
They’re painted black.
I dreamed I died of bitter guilt,
The walls were high and the ground was cold.
As I awoke I breathed out a sigh,
Opened my eyes and the room was black.
I carved into my own chest to give you a gift:
I think you knew what it was.
On a plate & all for you,
But you turned your back.
As I stood with nothing to say,
I watched my heart turn black.

[Taken from Words of Marc D Brown]

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