Tuesday, 30 May 2017

ReadersFavorite.com on Words of Marc D Brown

Words of Marc D Brown Reviewed by Rich Follett for Readers' Favorite

"Words of Marc D Brown: The Poetry Collection by Marc D Brown is a heartfelt, uncompromising look at the human experience, expressed in readily accessible words and images which leave indelible impressions on the reader. There is a dire simplicity in Brown’s poetry that bespeaks a life defined by loss and despair, buffered by an overarching, incontrovertible sense of hope which colors even the darkest passages. From “An Enclosed Space”: As time goes by/The cage begins to weather/with new life seeping through/and leaving something better.

Words of Marc D Brown: The Poetry Collection gives a clear sense that Marc D Brown is an optimistic realist. He writes of hard-won truths and hard-knock lessons with a candor and cutting-edge vulnerability that make readers want to see what lies around the next corner. Brown’s courage in revealing his inner turmoil and his unwavering commitment to emotional honesty elevate simple words to universal common ground and lend a healing touch to his terse cadences. In “Thoughts,” Brown offers an insight into his reasons for writing: My fingers grip the pen/it bleeds out words for you/A gift from my heart and mind/A gift from me to you.

In refreshing contrast to the legion of self-impressed poets who tout their own merits with pompous audacity, Marc D Brown approaches his muse with humility and gratitude. This sincere frame imbues his work with a clear focus and singularity of (generous) purpose. Readers who look past the darkness and pain expressed in his work will find an ebullient and inspiring sense of light waiting on the other side.

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