Tuesday, 30 May 2017

ReadersFavorite.com on The Lost Art of Self


Reviewed by Rich Follett for Readers' Favorite

"Marc D. Brown is a poetic Everyman. Although his third collection of poetry, The Lost Art of Self, was written from a purely personal point of view in an attempt to convey a perceived lack of authenticity in the life he had been living, there is a substantial thread of the universal human experience woven into his poetic narrative. Who among us has not felt, at one time or another, a sense of being out of touch with self and exhausted from giving to a world that takes more and more without giving in return?

Marc D. Brown’s experience is, on a fundamental level, the experience of each of us. From “I am Fiction”: “If you pulled me apart from the inside/You’d discover that I’m not really me/It’s all a fa├žade.”

“I am Fiction” is written deftly in free verse, a style aptly suited to Marc D. Brown’s straightforward, conversational style. There is a captivating depth - a genuine wisdom - behind even the most humble of his poetic expressions.
In The Lost Art of Self Pt 2, Brown taps the main vein of the human condition with breathtaking simplicity and directness: “Have you ever felt so lonely?/So hollow down to the bone./With pleasantries echoing/Almost beyond caring/

Your answer to everything “…So?”

This reflection, while personal, captures a universal human malaise as essential to human experience as DNA.

Marc D. Brown’s The Lost Art of Self makes a compelling poetic argument that we are all works of fiction, stumbling painfully toward authentic existence on an all-too-human terrain.

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