Thursday, 25 May 2017

A Re-Introduction to Myself

Hello to everyone and anyone who may be reading this and thank you! I appreciate your time.

My name is Marc D Brown I was born in the U.K. 1985 (I've realized it's silly putting your age on things like these as quite changes yearly, meaning you have to remember to change every bio you write annually).

Anyway...a little about me (i'll make it brief) and in list form to make it even quicker
1. I've been married since 2011
2. I have 2 Huskies
3. I write a lot of poetry and sometimes attempt to write stories
4. I have a couple of books available to buy on Amazon.
5. I try to read as much as possible.
6. I love to play on my Xbox...I'm pretty much a man child.
7. I constantly have a lot of creative ideas that i either forget about or start thinking of something new before the last thing actually began.
8. My attention span can be pretty crap!!!

That's pretty much me...quite boring and simple really but that's how i like it.

This blog will be used for a multitude of things such as a place to post my writing, articles of my opinions of stuff i.e. news, music, movies. i'll also occasionally try to help promote fellow poets because god knows we need the help!

If you would like to find and follow me elsewhere, please do so at the following...

You can find me on 
Twitter: mdbpoetry
Facebook: mdbpoetry
Instagram: mdbpoetry

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