Friday, 7 June 2013

An Introduction To...Drew Avera


1. Quick intro…Who are you?

My name is Drew Avera and I am an active duty navy guy and self published author.

2. What first inspired you to start writing? 

Reading comic books led to reading novels, from there I wanted to leave my mark on society. It took until I was 30 years old before I did something about it.

3. Do you find it difficult being an indie author when so many others are also now doing it?

Yes, but its a great community where most indies want to help spread the word. It's not cut throat like some other areas of life.

4. What keeps you writing? 

I want to see how the story ends.

5. Why do you write? 

Because it helps me express myself and share a part of myself that most people overlook.

6. What are your favourite 3 songs ever? 

Clones by Chevelle, Blackbird by Alter Bridge, and Holy Wars by Megadeth.

7. Do you have to plan to write or are you constantly jotting ideas and lines down? 

I work full time so I have to make time. It's important that I don't force myself to do it when I'm tired because my output sucks when that happens.

8. What do you think it takes to stand out from the indie author crowd? 

A gimmick, I haven't found mine yet lol.

9. What is the ultimate goal you hope to achieve with your writing?

 I would love to write full time and have a fan base eagerly awaiting my next release.

10. What would ‘living the dream’ be to you?

 Being able to live comfortably from book sales.

11. Who would you most like to read your work (a hero/idol)? 

Hugh Howey, I think he would dig it. Or Jim Butcher, I took some inspiration from both of those guys.

12. What is your favourite book? 

I don't have just one, but my favorite recent read was Collapse by Richard Stephenson.

13. What’s the least favourite book you’ve read?

The Hobbit, I only got through 36 pages. In my defense I was in 8th grade and have ADHD.

14. Do you only write one specific genre or are you multi-talented? 

I'm a science fiction, dystopian, speculative, historical fictionismologist

15. How did you come up with the title for your first book? 

Mars is known as the red planet, if the life support system was failing and everyone was going to die then the obvious title presented itself...Dead Planet.

16. If you had to live without ever reading OR writing again, which would you choose and why?

Writing, there's a lot of good books I've yet to read.

17. How do you find the promotional aspect of being an indie author? 

Painful, I'm still trying to figure it out.

18. What is your preferred genre to read? 

I like stuff like the Hunger Games.

19. Give us a random fact about yourself. 

I wrote the first draft of my book entirely on my iPhone.

20. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up and what are you actually doing now?

I wanted to be a rock star, I'm now in the navy...big difference.

21. List your websites, blog, Facebook, Twitter and the links to your books or author page on Amazon and any upcoming promotional days.

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