Thursday, 23 May 2013

Religion & Belief

I have mixed views on religion, I think it’s because I was raised catholic but then as I've grown up I have developed my own opinion. 

Now…I hate the idea of it really! For thousands of years people have died for their beliefs and people have died because of different beliefs and yet people still preach “My god is better than your god! My religion is better than your religion!”
I know a lot of people say it but why can’t we just believe what we want to believe and have the respect, the decency, the common courtesy not to try and force it upon one another. 

I will never say one religion is better than the other mainly because of select groups among all religions interpret things differently and in many cases take it upon their selves to destroy life, which I’m pretty sure that when it all first came about…that probably wasn’t the idea. 

This is my opinion, what started thousands of years a go, probably as something small…as it grew, mankind utilized this and turned it into a way to control the masses. It’s natural for people to want to conform, jump on the band wagon and just be a part of something but somewhere down the line which ever ‘team’ you’re on, someone higher up has thought “aha! Now we have all these followers, these believers we cant manipulate there minds to become what we want and they will do what we say because it is the word of god!” It only takes one weak or gullible person to take this on board and the seed has been planted and eventually the idea will spread and as I said previously…those people who want to be a part of something will dive right in. It’s like a security blanket…they think that someone has their backs covered. 

It’s nice to have something to believe in...But my question is…why cant people just take responsibility for themselves? If you’ve worked harder than ever for a goal you never thought you’d achieve, thank your self…you worked for it, you did it! Why thank something that was once just an idea that someone had? Why build your life around something that has pretty much turned into Chinese whispers? I can guarantee that the original messages that started in the bible for instance have changed many times over the years, they will have even been added to. This probably goes for any old scripture that people choose to live by.
In the days that we live in…you can’t even trust your neighbours…they may be murderers, paedophiles, rapists, bank robbers…they could be anything! 

So why would you put ALL of your trust into something written centuries ago that will have been misinterpreted, mistranslated and manipulated over time purposely to tell you what’s right and wrong and how you should live YOUR life?

At the end of the day, in my eyes it’s ALL about power & control! It’s a primal instinct in mankind. In some form or another everybody wants to be alpha and some people will do anything to get there. Love, lie, cheat, kill, manipulate and in the rarest of occasions tell the truth. If a lie can help you gain more than when being honest, that will probably be the option of choice for most! 

For all the people that want to preach and force there belief system down other people throat…just fucking grow a pair! Just because you shout louder does NOT mean you’re right, because you choose to blow up a market does NOT mean you’re right, if you take a life just to prove a point…that doesn’t make you right. If there is a hell…that’s where they deserve to go. Any extremists whether their views are religious, about sexual orientation, race etc just because you believe it and you chose to destroy to prove your ‘power and beliefs’…it doesn’t make it right.
I am NOT anti-religion!

Everyone has the right to believe in something.
I am anti-extremist!

Why kill only to try prove a point...

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